• Roncaccio Superiore (1169m)

  • Rifugio Obru Huüsch

  • Rimella - Val Mastallone


Rifugio Obru Huüsch is a traditional Walser house located in Roncaccio Superiore, in the municipality of Rimella, at 1169 meters of altitude in the mountains of Piemonte, Italy. The rifugio was originally built around 1650, and renovated in 2005 by Regione Piemonte to generate interest in the area and it’s hidden treasures. The house is immersed in nature and strategically positioned on the GTA trail (Grande Traversata delle Alpi). It is a great place where hikers and lovers of outdoor adventures can rest for the night and enjoy the warmth of a traditional Piemontese meal and coffee. The house has three private rooms for guests and a large common area on the 1st floor with the kitchen and dinning room. Rifugio Obru Huüsch is a warm and rustic bed & breakfast for mountain adventures.

Rifugio Obru Huüsch is managed by EMOGA A.D.S. (Associazione Dilettantistica Sportiva).


1 double bed and 1 single bed

2 bunk beds and 1 single bed

2 single beds

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